Cheer Friend

We know from experience that keeping the spirit high in marathons is really important. Unfortunately it is easy to lose your focus in that sea of people that are other participants. Hearing your friends or loved ones voice every now and then will help you to focus and keep your spirit high.

Share link to your friends

Create a personalised link with Cheer Friend and share it to your friends. They can send recorded cheers to you while you are running a marathon. Your friends don't have to install any additional app, they can use their phone's browser.

Hear your friends cheers while you run

All your friends' cheers will be played straight away in your headphones while you run. Stay motivated and be on the top of your performance!

Got interested?

Cheer Friend was created during 20 hours in TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin Hackathon. If you want to hear more what we did in the hackathon, check our Devpost submission.

App will be published on App Store(s) after the last polishes. To be on board from the first day, sign up for release updates.